Unit Level Planning



A unit is defined as any area that contains a separate budget. All units are required to participate in the planning process.

Planning Process

Each unit will develop an annual plan that will include specific goals and strategies for the unit. It is recommended that the process be completed during a scheduled "planning" day at the beginning of each academic year and that all members of the unit be involved in the planning process. The exact amount of time needed to complete the planning process will be at the discretion of the unit coordinator. Each unit will begin the ULP process by carefully reviewing the goals and objectives outlined in the college's 2014-19 Strategic Plan. Unit plans should support the goals and objectives outlined in the college's strategic plan. The results from the previous year's ULP process should also be used to assist in the development of the unit's plan for the upcoming year. In addition, all units should review other performance data. For example, educational units should review grade distribution data, faculty evaluation data, and cost data. Unit coordinators should contact their supervisors if they need assistance in obtaining supporting data.

After reviewing available data and the college's strategic plan, each unit will use Compliance Assist to identify the annual focus for their area and to define a set of goals and strategies for the upcoming year. Specific measures for each goal will also be defined. Compliance Assist contains fields for the end-of-year results. The results associated with this year's goals can be recorded during next year's planning day.