Unit Level Planning

Items Included in ULP

  • Mission/Purpose
    • The mission/purpose statement should include a concise (focused) description of the unit’s general mission and core functions (your reason for being). The development of an accurate purpose description will require a careful analysis of the current functions/activities of the unit. An effective purpose statement should contain only a few sentences and answers the question: Why does my unit exist?
  • Goals
    • Each unit should establish between 3 and 5 goals. The goals are specific methods to improve departmental performance. Therefore, the goals should be measurable and have input from everyone within the unit. Each goal should support one or more of the college’s goals or objectives as found in the MCC’s Strategic Plan. The institution’s strategic goals and objectives should be reviewed prior to creation of unit goals. Each unit should also review the results from the previous year’s unit plan as well as other supporting data. Well-written goals are time specific and stated in results-oriented terms (e.g., using such words as: improve, increase, enhance, decrease, achieve).
  • Strategies
    • Each goal may have two or more strategies. The point is not the number of strategies, but the need for a fully expressed (complete) plan. strategies are specific activities (strategies) that lead to the accomplishment of goals (e.g., create, analyze, investigate, survey, establish, attend, conduct, implement, develop, provide).
  • Measures
    • Measures are tied to the goal through the strategies and must include some type of measurement (increase or decrease = type of measurement = findings/measures). Measures allow us to see whether and to what extent goals are met. Measures allow us to systematically and objectively track progress toward goal achievement (through: input, output, outcome, efficiency, quality) and should be understandable, outcome oriented, useful, valid, verifiable, accurate and comparable/consistent.
  • Findings/end-of-year results
    • Findings will be completed at the end of the academic year and recorded in Compliance Assis. Your findings will support a conclusion that the strategies for your goals were met; partially met; or not met.┬áSuch findings are strengthened by linking relevant documents through Compliance Assist’s "Sources" or “Document Directory”.
      The result(s) must be described in terms of the measure used to evaluate the goal. Be sure to address how these results made a difference (improved your program or service) in the current year and discuss how those results will be followed up in the next year. The description of your findings (end-of-year results) need to be clear, complete, and concise. Test what you have written by asking yourself: Could someone unfamiliar with my area understand what I have written on the first reading and be favorably impressed?

Remember, it is not about “perfect” results or findings. It is about clear concise language in layman’s terms that helps any reader of your ULP to understand your positive contribution to excellence at the college through your goals; objectives/outcomes; and measures/findings. It is a review of your unit’s connection to the college’s strategic plan and shows how you have given strategies to that vision.