Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Program Review

The program review process at McLennan Community College is an important part of the institution's annual planning cycle and is completed each October in Compliance Assist. The process ensures that the College conducts a systematic review each year of its educational programs. The review is comprehensive and includes areas such as student outcomes, program viability, and quality.

The review process should include input from all members of the program. The results should be reviewed by the division chair and deans and will be available to the Vice President of Instruction. The findings from the review process, if appropriate, should be incorporated into the Unit Level Planning (ULP) process.

The program should use all data available from MCC Institutional Effectiveness reports, Texas Higher Educational Coordinating Board reports, and any other relevant resources available.

Program Reviews are completed for each academic year in Compliance Assist in the Unit Level Plan (via the drop down "NEW ITEM" menu).

The Office of Program Review, Planning and Assessment oversees the formal program review process. Additional functions of the Office include management of the federal Carl D. Perkins Grant and support of the Unit Level Planning (ULP) and Assessment of College Effectiveness/Student Learning Outcomes (ACE/SLO) process.

The Office reports to the Vice President of Research, Effectiveness & Informational Technology.
Location: Research Effectiveness (old Lecture Hall Annex), Room 122, (254) 299-8619

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