Course Evaluations

Frequently Asked Questions



  • What do I need to do to be evaluated?

    Evaluations are now offered fully online to students! We enourage you to read the Best Practices page that is full of tips and tricks on how to complete evaluations and receive higher response rates. In face-to-face courses we strongly encourage you to allow class time to complete evaluations, just as you would have allowed for the paper packets to be completed. During that time students have several options to complete their course evaluation(s):

    1. Check your McLennan student email for an email invitation.
    2. Log into Brightspace, and you will be prompted to complete any course evaluations that are currently available.
    3. If you close out the prompt in Brightspace or it does not appear, click the link in the bottom of the Brightspace homepage in the "My Surveys" module to evaluate your courses.

    For online courses there will not be a link for you to provide to your students, rather, they will be reminded every time they log into Brightspace that they evalutions to complete. This message will appear upon every login until all evaluations available to them are completed.

    If your course has an enrollment of 4 students or less your course will not be evaluated.

  • How will I know if students have completed my evaluation?

    You can see who has and/or who has not responded to your course evaluations once 5 or more evaluations are completed for your section by downloading a list of respondents. Note that it is 5 responses per section that is being evaluated; if you have 4 responses or less in a particulate section you will not be able to see who has completed the evaluations in that section. To reassure you and the students, their anonymity of individual responses will be protected during this process, you will only see that they have completed the evaluation, not their individual response(s). Additionally, you will only have access to all responses AFTER the term has ended and all grades have been submitted. Click here to view a pdf guide outlining the steps to downloading the list of respondents and non-respondents.

  • Why do I need to do to be evaluated?

    Per policy B-XII all faculty and all courses are evaluated every semester they assigned to teaching a course. As the instructor, there will be no need to request to be evaluated, the only thing we ask is that you communicate the importance of course evaluations to your class. Please inform your students how you use course evaluations as suggestions for improvement of the course and yourself.

    If your course has an enrollment of 4 students or less your course will not be evaluated.

  • What questions are on the evaluation?

    To view a copy of the course evaluation please click here.

  • Who determines the questions on the evaluation?

    The questions are determined through a collaborative effort involving faculty, instructional administration, and our institutional research department.

  • When will course evaluations be administered?
    1. All regular 16 week courses and courses running 11 weeks during the summer: Evaluation open for 4 weeks prior to finals.
    2. All other courses, 8 week, and summer sessions: 3 week prior to finals.
    3. All minimester courses: 7 days prior to finals.
    4. Field Courses: 7 days prior to last class day.
  • How and when can I access my evaluation results for my courses?

    The week following final grades being posted, faculty, Coordinators/Program Directors, Division Chairs, Deans and the Vice President of Instruction will all be notified via MCC employee email that evaluation results are now available for their viewing. Additionally, faculty, Coordinators/Program Directors, Division Chairs, Deans and the Vice President of Instruction can log into evaluationKit to view their results anytime after they have been made available. If you are unsure how to access your results please refer to our help guide for assistance.

  • What can I do to acheive higher response rates?

    The overall goal of evaluations is to improve performance. With a variety of information, including student evaluations, faculty should have a better understanding of their students and how they learn. Please refer to our Best Practices page for more recommendations.