Course Evaluations

Take Evaluation

Please take a few moments to evaluate your courses/professors by following one of the options below:

  1. Download the iPhone App in the Apple Store or Andriod App from Google Play to your smartphone or tablet. This option will require a mobile token that can be found in the email invitation sent to your McLennan student email. This option will allow you to receive future notifications via the eKit app when evaluations are available.
  2. Check your McLennan student email for an email invitation.
  3. Log into Blackboard, and you will be prompted to complete any course evaluations that are currently available.
  4. If you close out the prompt in Blackboard or it does not appear, click the link in the bottom left of you Blackboard in the "EvaluationKIT Course Evaluations" module to evaluate your courses.

If you have any difficulty with the online evaluation or have any questions please contact Laura Wichman at or 254.299.8476.